Gate Repair Services

Whenever you need any type of repair or maintenance, we are there for you – every hour of the day, every day of the week!

We stand behind our work and to us customer satisfaction is the ultimate recognition. London Gates & Grilles is not just a business which provides or installs gates, we actually also provide a complete range of after-sales service comprising of repairs, maintenance and servicing to all our customers in London. We do not just get up and go once we have installed the gate and received our payment, we are also there for you if anything goes wrong, to provide you with the solid support you need and expect from any premium business.

Some of the features of our gate repair services include:

  • Call Out Service available round the clock.
  • Electric Gate Repairs – Fault repair service provider for electric driveway gates.
  • Access Control Repairs – available for all types and brands of access control equipment.
  • Metal Work Repairs – On or Off-site weld repairs depending on scale of repair required.
  • Wooden Gate Repairs – Carpentry related upkeep can be done either on-site or in our factory.

Fault Find Repairs Packages

Standard Fault Find – 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • First Hour – GBP 140: For our engineers to locate the problem, find out which parts are required to fix the issue and repair it as required.
  • Second Hour onwards – GBP 90/hr: In case the fault finding / repairs take more than one hour, which they rarely do, the customer will be informed of the same and his agreement obtained before further proceeding.
  • Parts Required – At cost: Any spare parts that may be required for the repairs will be charged separately. Acquiescence of the customer will be obtained before any fitting takes place.

Emergency Fault Find – 5:00pm to 9:00am

  • First Hour – GBP 190
  • Second Hour onwards – GBP 120/hr
  • Parts Required – At cost
  • Remaining details remain the same as for our Standard Package.


Standard System Service – GBP 90

  • A methodical check-up of the system in question to make sure that every part is in correct working order and in observance of industry standards. On an average, the entire process takes not over 30 minutes approximately. Before any work is initiated for servicing the system, the engineer will request for the customer to run it. This process is undertaken to determine if the system is in working order before undertaking any servicing work. In case of apparent faults in the system, the visit will be charged as a fault find rather than servicing.
  • All moving parts will be carefully cleansed, lubricated and checked for any abrasions.
  • Once complete, a written report will be submitted to the customer. This report will detail any issues that may have been discovered with recommendations of any parts and repairs needed.
  • In case any work is carried out on-site due to issues discovered while servicing, these shall be charged separately based on their nature.

Our specialized team is trained and certified to provide you with the best gate repair at the most reasonable prices for your complete comfort, convenience and satisfaction.

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